At Battery World, we don’t just sell car batteries, we know the right battery for your car. Whether it’s an Australian, Japanese, European car, high performance car or a hybrid or start stop vehicle, the right choice can make all the difference.

And because all Battery World staff are expertly trained, we can fit the battery as well whether you are at home, at work or on the side of the road.

Due to modern cars’ computers and circuits gone are the days of simply putting in a new battery. Battery World has invested in state of the art technology – Yuasa Yu-Fit battery configurator which informs the vehicle a new battery has been installed ensuring the correct charging strategy has been applied.

109 Products

Battery Box Large - 330 x 200 x 200MM
Battery Terminal Light Duty Universal Wing Nut
Battery Terminal Universal
Distilled Water 1.5L
16mm Lugs - 6mm Stud 4 pack
16mm Lugs - 8mm Stud 4 pack
25mm Lugs - 8mm Stud 4 pack
35mm Lugs - 8mm Stud 4 pack
Yellow Ring 8mm 8 pack - Bubble Pack
PVC Insulation Tape Black
DIN65LH MF AGM ISS Century Battery
DIN75LH MF AGM ISS Century Battery
DIN85LH MF AGM ISS Century Battery