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When the right battery makes all the difference for your quality of life, Battery World are able to assist. From baby monitors to respirators, defibrillators down to everyday use hearing aids we offer a diverse range of batteries made with the premium cells from the best suppliers around the world offering the safety and reliability required for maintaining wellbeing. Your family's health is the most important thing on your mind so you want the right battery and you want it to do the job!

Tip: Did you know hearing aid batteries are activated by air?

Removing the adhesive label from the back of a hearing aid battery combines the air with the internal ingredients in the battery therefore activating it. For optimum performance it’s a good idea to give the battery 5 minutes to breath to ensure this activation is complete.

3 Products

GP 1.4V 130mAh Zinc Air Cells x 6
GP 1.4V 255mAh Zinc Air Cells x 6
GP 1.4V 70mAh Zinc Air Cells x 6