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How many batteries do you use in your home or office each day? Television remote control, stereo and DVD remote controls, air conditioner remote controls, garage remote controls, torches, cordless phones, cordless tools, computer and games controls, security systems, clocks, smoke alarms, toys ... the list goes on.

Battery World has the right battery and in most cases if you can bring them into the store, we’ll expertly fit it for you.

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GP AAAA Alkaline Non Rechargeable
GP CR1220 3V 35mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP 3V 1500mAh Photographic GP CR123A
GP CR1616 3V 42mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP CR1620 3V 42mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP CR2016 3V 72mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP CR2025 3V 160mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP CR2032 3V 220mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP CR2430 3V 270mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP CR2450 3V 550mAh Lithium Coin Cell
GP 386 186 301 Alkaline Button Cell
GP 189 Alkaline Button Cell
GP SR44SW 1.55V 165mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR621SW 1.55V 18mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR626SW 1.55V 25mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR521SW 1.55V 14mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR43W 1.55V 120mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR1130W 1.55V 70mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR41SW 1.55V 42mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
GP SR927SW 1.55V 55mAh Silver Oxide (Single Battery)
14.4V 1600mAh NiMH Ozroll Controller Battery
GP "AA" Size Cell 1.2V 600mAh low capacity NiMH
GP GP11A 6V 38mAh High Voltage Alkaline
GP 23A 12V 38mAh High Voltage Alkaline